Monday, November 19, 2007

Blocking fixes everything.

Tiit's Socks (slightly modified), from Folk Knitting in Estonia by Nancy Bush.

I was so worried about my fair isle tension, and because the yarn I used was slightly thicker than the yarn the called for, I knitted these on size 3.0 mm needles and they turned out a little large for me (and believe me, that is the first time this has ever happened!). However, they are incredibly comfy and will make good house socks, which I tend to prefer large and roomy. I can't remember the last time I blocked a pair of socks, but I blocked these and 99% of my tensiony issues magically vanished.

Just in case I'm giving anyone the impression I've been neglecting the other love of my life, copper, nope!

A peek at unfinished work.

Twill, waiting to be formed

Say, married to textiles and metalsmithing.

The ring still needs to be polished and the fine silver raised, but see the little knitted stitches!

Say, married to a man who wants his sweater!

Confession time: The partially frogged sweater in this photo has a long and sordid history attached to it. This yarn (alafoss lopi), was originally purchased to make John a J. Crew style sweater many, many, many moons ago (and when I say many, I mean the sweater was supposed to be his 30th birthday present, and I began it two years in advance, but that birthday has long since passed and many more). Unfortunately for him, it was my first sweater, and when I reached the underarms, we realised that it was far too big for him. And so it was frogged and sat in my yarn basket for a year. Then I happened upon a few Istex patterns (I'm so easily seduced), and I decided that this yarn wanted to be a lopi-style sweater for me. That is what it became. Unfortunately, the fair isle always felt heavy on my shoulders so I never wore it and it's sat at the back of my closet for five years.

It's very expensive yarn, and every time I've glimpsed this sweater tucked away, I've felt a twinge of guilt. Recently, I decided it still had a future. The Men's Zipped Raglan from Last Minute Knitted Gifts caught my eye over the summer, and the yarn would be perfect for it (and the sweater perfect for me). However, while John was here over the weekend, he declared he 'loved' that pattern, so *guilt, guilt*, now the yarn has come full circle and is going to be for him, again.

But at the moment, it's a cat bed.

Edit: Apparently, even old weaving projects are cat beds today. Sinopa certainly has a knack for making everything look comfortable. She should be a bed model.

I'm in the middle of redesigning my blog layout, so this place may look messy for a few days.


KreativeMix said...

love them all!!!!!

Donyale said...

Love the ring Say! And LOVE the socks - suddenly I am off to purchase sock blockers for my fair isle socks being constructed. Yours look so lovely - I must admit I am hooked on mine - slow going but makes it nicer in a way.

AND - I am doing a silverwork course in the new year - I can't wait. Will send you the link of the studio.

Dorothy said...

The ring is beautiful and the copper looks like a gorgeous scarf to drape over a black or ivory jacket.

I really like the socks and the partial sweater. Lopi is a pricey yarn, but you do get some great yardage out of them and the finished sweater lasts forever.

Jana said...

What cute kitties! Love that knitted silver ring. And the socks look great, blocking is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Kitty no.2, i.e., Sinopa, looks less evil than normal.

Leigh said...

The ring is gorgeous! And so are your cats, and sweater, and the socks. I know that relief that comes when a Fair Isle project blocks out well. Makes it all worth it.