Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thank you Secret Pal

Happy holidays and happy New Years' everyone!

Secret Pal, your package arrived yesterday. Thank you! I know you've been worried. We'll just describe the postal service between Australia and Canada as well.... relaxed.

There is heaps of fibre-related reading, including Textile magazine (which has a wicked article on basketry), bath goodies, calenders, pamphlets on current fibre arts incorporating wool, and loads of other reading material. There's quite a bit of information on Australia's National Wool Museum. I like being up to date on fibre arts worldwide; this was a great way to learn more about current work in Australia. Thank you so much!!!

I've been very lazy over the holidays. I've been knitting little hats.

Attempting to coerce Willa into playing Santa's helper...

And weaving functional items. This blanket needs to be washed and shrunk to tighten up the sett. It worked on my sample but I'm nervous about the larger piece.

Bloglines is not updating for me, which bites. I have 'pinged' everyone already and it's just not working, period. Is it just me or everyone?


Anonymous said...

fantastic - I am glad you got it, I thought I may have had the address wrong. I'm glad I didn't use sea post - It might not have gotten to you until 2010!

Hope you had a great xmas - I shall try to get your next package off by mid-january. I am making something special just for Say ;)

Love the little hats - your cat is a better model than my dog, he'd be eating it before I could reach for the camera.


Jeanne said...

The picture of your cat in the hat is too cute - I can't believe she let you do that!

Jana said...

Cute hat and cute kitty! And cool stuff from your pal! Also-I tagged you for a '6 weird things' meme on my blog. I hope that's ok!