Sunday, December 10, 2006

I think that every one needs one of these for their Charlie Brown Christmas tree...

Wookiee Angel

AKA: What happens when three fibre arts students have three spare minutes and stress to relieve.

School wraps up this Wednesday. From previous experience, I know the end of the semester will feel anticlimactic, but J (my husband, who went back to school half-way across the country) is flying in this Friday and I'm thrilled about that. We've only had one weekend together since the end of August. I'm looking forward to doing all the sorts of activities that are so mundane when you live together (like renting movies, making dinner, grocery shopping, getting back rubs!) - which are all the things I've missed the most. Fortunately, I've been so busy I haven't felt lonely, and I've had our cats to lavish affection on. They're spoiled. I know. And I love them.


I suffered a somewhat traumatic fibre experience this week. Apparently, when you have very furry cats that shed like anxious Wookiees all over the place, especially ones who routinely treat your desktop like a chaise lounge, it's possible to felt your keyboard. It's true. As of Wednesday, my keyboard was suffering from brown-lung, with long cat hairs layered between the keys. I've cured it, but the horror and the mental images remain. I may never felt anything again.

There. Now everyone knows I clean my desk only at each solstice and my life is starting to resemble a kooky urban legend...

Since I don't have knitting I can show you, here's a partial summary of my fall weaving studio. I'm still working out how to photograph metal properly. I've gathered a lot of ideas and research for next semester, so as much as I'm relieved this semester is nearly at a close, I'm looking forward to next semester already.

Woven Pensieve (Copper, double-weave, hand-made paper, text on paper)


Burnt words (Experimenting with patonization)

Twisted form; copper, double weave (16'' by 36")


Woven Brass, acrylic yarn casting.

Double woven brass, hand-made paper, gold leaf, acrylic yarn casting.

Feeling Silly; Woven sea urchin full of marbles; copper, green patina.

Woven copper, double-weave, hand-made paper, green patina.

Edit: I tried switching over to the new user-friendly version of blogger, but I can't insert a header photo into the new format. If anyone knows how to do it with the new format, I would be eternally grateful if you would e-mail me with instructions.


Leigh said...

Wow, you do some of the most amazing stuff!

I've just switched to beta today myself, so I can't answer your questions, but here are some blogs I read which discuss beta and how to do things with it:
Blogger Tips and Tricks
Testing Blogger Beta
Beta template testing.

I've tried some of their ideas on one of my cat blogs Little Cat Zee. They have a lot of good ideas and good instructions. Hopefully you can find what you need on one of them.

Dorothy said...

Love your new woven projects. So many colours and shapes to them.

I've been hesitant about switching myself. I've heard complaints and problems from more than a few people.

neki desu said...

your work is fantastic,cogratulations!love the way you incorporated the patina.

'm currently giving a go to double weave,but very simple projects.

yes,i'm hesitant about the blogger beta move,the google bloger help groups are buzzing with problems,good luck

neki desu

Anonymous said...

Hey Say,

Long time no post - hope it means you are off enjoying the holidays with your husband. Have you got your package yet? I sent it off over a month ago.