Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Years!

Beautiful yarn deserves a beautiful pattern.

Waving Lace Socks from Interweave Knits using Fleece Artist yarn.
Rogue Chocolate Stout.

Admittedly, this colourway is outside my usual zone, but I'm trying something different. I am also not a stout fan (although I love porter), but the DH thought I would like this because it is a 'chocolate stout'. Mmmm... chocolate.

Jana over at Exile In Knitville tagged me for the '6 Weird Things About Me' meme. Time to celebrate my inner geekiness.

Here goes....

1) I met my husband when someone sent me to gawk at his big toes. He was digging a leaching pit during a camp set-up in Northern Ontario. A mutual friend came over to me and started freaking out about them. Under the pretense of 'supervising' (I was a forewoman), I went over to stare and had no choice but to start talking to him. We were best friends before we started dating. I proposed to him two weeks later. (For the record, he's a size 13/14 shoe, mainly because of his giant toes.)

2) I automatically know how do everything with my left hand that I learn with my right, only backwards. Like write. And knit. And throw my shovel. I don't know if other people can do this or just me (and I'm curious) and only know that a certain section of my brain absorbs things in a mirror image fashion. I can also write the same thing with both hands at the same time, forward and backward. I spent my high school chemistry class perfecting this talent. Now all I remember about chemistry my instructors voice saying, "When in doubt, convert to moles."

3) I don't like pototo chips and lima beans are one of my favourite vegetables.

4) Despite my summers in the bush, I am terrified of bears. Those Discovery channel shows, like When Animals Attack, give me nightmares. During the summer, I lay in my tent listening for them (we've only had one around our tent once. It sounded like a giant pig). We went to the Museum of Nature yesterday here in Halifax and they had a large stuffed black bear with an audio recording of it growling. My heart started racing. I think that's because of what happened this summer. I hope I never come face to face with one again.

5) I am from the original Salem Village, aka, Danvers, Massachusetts, the area where the Salem Witch Trials occurred in 1692. I grew up having picnics with my friend Tuan Anh in the graveyard where Anne Putnam is buried. My aunt and uncle had a cat named Tituba. My home was on land that had once belonged to Rebecca Nurse (who was hanged as a witch), and my neighbours owned a painting of Dorcas Good. I grew up well-educated in the hysteria that occurred there, and, due to the large number of practicing witches in the area, grew up with a decidedly positive impression of Wicca and modern day witchcraft.

6) I hate movie theaters and rarely go. I dread movie trailers. They’re too loud, the visuals and imagery are overwhelming for me, and I am easily emotionally sucked in and instantly teary. I've seen two movies at the theatre in the last three years; The Return of the King and Casino Royale.

I'm supposed to tag six people, but since half the people I know have done this, if you read this and are even remotely amused (and secretly wish I had tagged you), consider me a mind-reader, and consider yourself tagged!

And Happy New Years!


Anonymous said...

Cheers and beers for the new years...

Sounds great - Keep us updated with the blogging :)


JessaLu said...

Happy New Year! :o)

Polly said...


jackie said...

Definately some weird things there, but, after reading your story from the summer, the bear terror is so absolutely reasonable and rational that I would only call it weird if you said something like "I chase bears so that I can give them a back rub"
Have a happy New Year!

Jana said...

Happy New Year! Thanks for playing along with the meme:) That's so interesting about growing up in Salem. We visited there when I was really little and I remember being terrified by the whole idea of witchcraft. But I read Salem Posessed in college and now I really want to go back there someday.

Leigh said...

Happy New Year's to you too! I enjoyed your weirdness, *lol*.