Saturday, April 15, 2006

The past few weeks have been kind of crazy, with final projects and school work keeping me away from my computer. I feel like I'm behind on all of my favourite blogs, but I'm looking forward to getting caught up this week.

I've been knitting again. Not vigorously, but a bit here and there. I finished my Purl's Snake-a-long a few days ago.

I used the two balls of Noro that my secret pal sent me. I debated buying another of the same colourway to make it a bit longer, but I think with some blocking it will be fine. Fun pattern, and Noro is a great yarn for entrelac. And actually, I think this warping mill is my new favourite model!

Thank you, thank you Donni for these handles and handmade stitch markers!!

I've never used anything other than the cheap plastic stitch markers before, so I'm going to feel decadent when I try these. I'm thinking about using the handles for the Counterpane Bag bag in the Handknit Holidays book. I was very touched and even a little thrilled to recieve something from the land down under. Thank you!

She also included a little brochure for the Ashford Knitters Loom, which caused my husband to have a small heart attack. "Are you ordering a loom from Australia?" (He didn't realize it was for a tabletop style loom). It's neat. It's portable, perfect for scarves and mini-projects, and well... now I want one! I could bring it up to the bush with me over the summer, and weave night after night during the solstice...

Yes, my daydreams go on and on.

Here are a few recently completed weaving pieces.


This reminds me of a dried up petal, or a parched leaf curling up on the ground in autumn.

A close-up.

Doubleweave (copper wire, oven baked for colour). I was so excited that it actually worked, now I just need to work out all of the kinks.


Donni said...

Wow - I am loving the weaving you are doing....glad you got the handles - and tell your hubby - the knitters' loom isn't THAT heavy - postage wouldn't be much (heh heh)

candsmom said...

Your scarf is gorgeous!! Love the way it knitted up with that Noro. Such pretty purse handles, too! Your weaving always amazes me- you do such beautiful work. I especially love Petal. Best wishes with the end of the semester craziness- just think, summer vacation is just a stone's throw away! ;-) Wishing you and yours a wonderful Easter... take care, Say! :-)

JessaLu said...

You make some amazing things! Beautiful!

Jana said...

Gorgeous work! Petal is just amazing!

Rooskie Dooskie said...

Love your weaving! I come from a family of weavers, and have always dreamed of learning but never have. Your free form weaving makes me want to learn all the more!

sue b said...

I love your work ! I just found your blog this morning and have enjoyed looking at all your wonderful postings.