Friday, January 27, 2006

Someone posted a beautiful photo of a rainbow in their blog recently and it reminded me that I had a few shots sitting on my hard drive. I took this last summer up north. I love this photo and kind of wish I was up there right now. Life is sometimes easier away from it all.

Look closely at this second photo and you might notice that there are actually two rainbows, not just one. It was easy to see standing there, but difficult to capture with my camera. I'd never seen anything like it. Actually, I'd never seen anything like a rainbow diving through a cloud either.

On to knitting...

I swear I'll be getting to those second socks soon!

This is my solemn vow, in my blog for all to read. Before the Knitting Olympics begin I must finish both my second Merino lace sock from IK and my second Estonian sock. See, I've even cast on for one of them.

For the Knitting Olympics I'm planning to make the Gansey Layette from IK Winter 02/03 (minus the blanket and the tam). I'm also hoping to knit some booties and try to weave a receiving blanket. We'll see how much time I have. Mind of Winter has a beautiful picture of it here. Our friend's son is due just before St. Paddy's day, so a green version will be the perfect colour.

In the meantime, I finished Clapotis #2.

I used 375 metres of Fleece Artist and adapted the pattern to fit the yarn by upping the needle size and cutting the increase section in half. I came to within a few decrease rows of the finishing the final corner perfectly (Murphy's Knitting Laws!) and simply bound off. I know a few others out there in blogland have done that as well, and they're right; unless you are absolutely familiar with the Clapotis pattern, you'd never know that the corner wasn't completely finished. It's for my sister-in-law's birthday next month (actually, my brother-in-law's common-law wife/long-time-girlfriend, but that's too many words for me!). They live in Thunder Bay (which is much colder than where I am), and I'm hoping this will be nice and warm for her.

I've also been having a lot of fun in my screenprinting class. The queen of perfect registration and tight work I shall never be, but I really love working with the open screen and experimenting with found materials and colours. These are my two favourite experiments so far.

This one was made with string and pieces of torn newsprint paper.

For this one (a pillowcase), I played with wire and pieces of newsprint paper.

Now I really need to learn more about Photoshop for when we use photo-emulsion.

On the weaving front, there's not that much exciting going on except for samples, samples and more samples of the Warp, Weft, Sett variety.

Have a good weekend everyone, especially my Secret Pal!


Donni said...

Love the Clap! Looks Great

Emily said...

Gorgeous colour yarn on that clapotis!

JessaLu said...

Love the photos!

Everything looks absolutely beautiful :o)

candsmom said...

Those photos of the rainbows are just gorgeous! We're lucky to have (and see) quite a few rainbows in Hawaii, but I know they are less common elsewhere. You captured them beautifully! Your Clapotis is GORGEOUS!! You whipped this one out so fast, it makes my mind spin. ;-) Your SIL is going to love it- the colors are so wonderful. And I really enjoyed your baby sister is a BFA major in printmaking, so I've been slowly learning about all the different media out there- it's a whole new world for me as I'm not very artistically inclined, but I love learning about it. I love looking at your posts- you're so creative! Take care! :-)

Iris said...

I somehow managed to miss your post!

Love the Clapotis, and the colours for your socks are great!

I also really liked the first screenprinting image. Beautiful!