Wednesday, February 01, 2006

My Secret Pal e-mailed me today to let me know something should be arriving soon. Hurrah!!!! Since school was cancelled, I thought I would do happy dances to help summon the mailman, but alas, the mailman got to stay home today too.

Maybe tomorrow!!!!

Now, normally I would post whatever WIP is on my needles, but since my second Merino lace sock is so near completion, I feel it should remain un-revealed until it can be photographed as part of a completed pair. So, instead I offer you the horror that is my knitting basket.

This image sheds far too much light on what my bedroom looked like when I was growing up, and, to a lesser extent, what my office looks like now. Due to the amazing amount of 'two balls of this,' and 'two balls of that' contained within, it also should have STASHBUSTERS written all over it. I shouldn't be allowed to buy new yarn (but I do!) until I make a better dent in it. Maybe I have some form of hoarding syndrome, a secret fear that one day I will run out of yarn. Which could happen... I mean, the yarn store was closed today because of the snowstorm!!!


JessaLu said...

*sigh* I miss snow. You'd think, living in New England as I do, that I'd have gobs and gobs of it. No such flippin' luck - and it's only because our two snowmobiles are finally running. If they were broken we'd have three feet.

You. Can. Never. Have. Enough. Yarn.


Emily said...

Wow what a huge pile of snow! I wish England got snow like that :( Nice stash too by the way! A girl can never have too much yarn.. at least that's my theory and i'm sticking to it.

candsmom said...

Holy crow, what a stash, girl! I'm drooling with envy!! ;-) You've got such gorgeous yarn in there..that green and blue sock yarn keeps catching my eye. And I'm totally with you on the secret fear of yarn someday running out... as it is, yarn stores close several days a week AND holidays, not to mention those days when the mailman can't deliver yarn to the yarn stores, not to mention...;-) Yeah, we're sick, alright and darned proud of it! Take care! :-)

Iris said...

Love the snow... I've never been fond of the wet British winters. It's grey and cold and because of the wind and the rain it feels a lot more chilly than it actaully is. While I still prefer summer it makes me yearn for the crisp and cold winters in Munich.

And that stash! What a candy store! ;-)