Thursday, January 19, 2006

I came across this link today in another knitting community and thought I should pass it on.

It's GarnStudio and Drops Design.

They have LOADS of free patterns, many very beautiful patterns! There's an entire section of Norwegian designs too. Apparently, this is the first time these patterns have been available in English.

I've cast on for another Clapotis and another sock. Unfortunately, the 8mm stopper at the end of my knitting needle vanished last night (literally, into thin air). While searching for it I discovered that what lies beneath the couch is quite scary. Eleven catnip-stuffed mice had decided to form a nest in the dust and crumbs. Despite the house-cleaning that ensued, the stopper is nowhere to be found. I wrapped the end of the needle in masking tape but that has resulted in the kitten permanently attaching herself to it. (Because apparently, masking tape wrapped around the end of a knitting needle is more exciting than even a laser pointer!)

I've decided that this year is going to be all about red. (Colour phases. I'm not the only person who has them right?) Last year was all about orange and I think I've finally had enough. So let this be the year of red!

Edit: My fellow knitter's list isn't showing up at all!


Imperatrix said...

Hello! First-time visitor. Your projects look great -- the clapotis is beautiful (I've never heard of them before). I'm a self-taught knitter and crocheter, with one project for my daughter to finish before I can use my birthday gift certificates to a local yarn shop to make myself something JUST FOR ME.

...maybe a clapotis, I'm thinking...

candsmom said...

Aargh! I'm SO mad at Bloglines- I keep missing your posts! I think something must be wrong with my feed. Grrr. Thank you so much for the link to GarnStudio!! Those patterns are just gorgeous and I've already got some bookmarked. Isn't what lies beneath the couch the scariest??! I swear, they could make a horror movie out of that stuff. I recently discovered whole meals under our cushions. ;-) It's like some kind of demented black hole. And I'm with you on year of the red, girl!! I'm currently enamored with it, too, so bring it on! Take care and have a great weekend! :-)

alltangledup said...

Garnstudios have some very nice designs. Not too difficult to translate with the glossary either.