Sunday, January 15, 2006

Recently finished objects, Christmas gifts and a loom.

This is what has become of Meida's Mittens.

They're now Estonian Socks, from Nancy Bush's Folk Socks. Somehow, it seemed more important that I finish this today than tackle my mountain of school work. Over coffee, I reached the toe section. There are rules implicit in sock knitting, the first one being that once the toe section has been reached, a sock must be completed and everything else can wait. This leads to another rule, where all of the ends must also be woven in so that the finished sock can be tried on. Unfortunately, it's dark and grey here today and hard to catch the details with a flash. I'll try for better photos when I finish the other sock. I know there are very keen eyes out here in blogland, so I'll make sure not to take any close ups where I accidentally crossed the cables backwards on a purl row.

Here's where I hope no one notices I forget to shave my legs during the winter.

Here's the recently completed My So-Called Scarf.

I saw so many beautiful Christmas gifts on everyone else's blog that I wanted to post at least one. It's simply taken me forever to do it. This one was special because J picked this out all by himself. He picked out Vogue Knitting a few years back, so this wasn't his first time knitting book shopping, but I was still very impressed. He also gave me a wonderful book on resist dyeing that I'm hoping to be able to test out soon.

And here is the BIG news of this past week.

The woman who sold it to me also included all of her books, all of her wool, a handloom, and numerous accessories like this warping mill.

We bought it in September but it took forever to have it shipped out east. The cats are infatuated with it and want to chew everything. The littlest one loves sitting on top of it and meowing at me. Needless to say we have no dining room space left. I just need to finish cleaning the reeds, re-tie the foot pedals and give it a go this week.


candsmom said...

Your Estonian socks look fantastic!! I love the detail work at the cuff. And I agree, there are definitely rules implicit to sock knitting that must be followed. ;-) Your scarf looks wonderful, as well. I love the colorway you chose. And what a great gift from J! I just got that book at Christmas, too, and I'm dying to start knitting from it. And holy camoley, what a HAUL!!! I can't wait to see what you do with your loom! That must've been one incredible mail delivery. ;-) Take care! :-)

JessaLu said...

That sock is beautiful! I didn't get any knitting gifts this year however I did purchase that book for myself and can't wait to knit something out of it!

Jana said...

Those socks are so pretty! I got knitting vintage socks for Christmas too but haven't started anything from it yet, it's hard to decide they all look so neat!

Iris said...

Oh my, the loom looks fantastic! I'm so jealous! ;-)

Your scarf (love the colours) and your socks have also turned out wonderfully and I'll be interested to hear more about the book. I saw it on amazon recently and was quite tempted...

LadyV said...

What a great job you did on the Estonian socks. I've always liked that pattern.

Have fun with your loom. I just started my journey into weaving this week :-)