Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Clapotis, c'est fini!

A friend of mine told me that if I'd never seen the TV show Lost before, I should rent Season 1 over the holidays, watch it straight through and prepare to be blown away. Whew! She was right. Most of Clapotis was knitted during our holiday viewing of Lost: Season 1. J is now obsessed and I am now obsessed; him with the series, me with both the series and Clapotis.

Waiting to be worn...

I used Fleece Artist kidsilk. It was 500 metres to 250 grams, so roughly, 200m/100g rather than the 184m/100g called for in the pattern. I actually had enough yarn for an 11th repeat left over (edit: I only knitted 10 repeats, just to make sure I didn't run out of yarn). What's really strange is that when I poked around online, it seemed as though every other person who's knit this came up short. Either I somehow wound up with more Fleece Artist yarn, the small length/weight ratio difference made more of a difference than I expected or... I don't know. I knit it pretty loosely too.

I'll definitely make it again - probably for my brother-in-law's significant other's birthday next month as I didn't manage to make her anything for Christmas. I did wind up with slightly curled edges, which I blocked half-heartedly, but since I haven't exactly unwound it from my neck since I finished may as well perish any hopes of perfectly flat edges here and now.

Did you know that if you type in "clapotis" and run an image search at Google you'll pull up dozens of beautifully knit examples?

A friend of mine showed me this pattern from Rebecca and I think I've fallen in love with it. Not the pink, mind you, but the pattern. However, I have a very large stash basket that I need to make a dent in before daring to buy more yarn. I really, really, want to run out and start this tomorrow, but I fear that J, the dear husband currently obsessed with Lost, needs more of a buffer period between my yarn store visits.


JessaLu said...


I love mine - and wear it daily

candsmom said...

Oh my, your Clapotis is just BEAUTIFUL!!!! Looking at your finished Clapotis, I absolutely have to knit one for myself next year. The one you knit is my most favorite color in the world and it looks extraordinarily soft and cozy, too. You did such a fabulous job with it! I really like that Rebecca pattern, too. Very pretty! And at the rate you knit, I bet you could have that done before spring semester starts. ;-) Take care and Happy New Year to you! :-)

lene said...

Your clapotis looks nice and warm and the color is beautiful. Happy New Knitting Year!

Donni said...

I LOVE the colour of your clap - that's it! You have inspired me to sit down and finish mine. BTW I love the pink wrap thing too....v.nice