Monday, September 12, 2005

Kitty spam

Ever notice that virtually all knitters are also cat lovers? And naturally, we also have the best "UFO meets the CAT" tales.

The wee one is our newest family member, Willa.

And this is our uber-territorial calico, Runa, who used to hide balls of yarn under our bed. She'd get her own 'stash' going periodically.

After two weeks, the two are not the best of friends yet, but they do play 'chase' several times a day. Runa is having good days and bad days adjusting to the new kitten. Willa often seems to dominate their relationship, which perplexes us as Runa is about 16 times her size (that, or Runa lets Willa have her way because she becomes instantly fed up). We're optimistic that Runa's casual hisses outside of their playtime won't always sound so much like "I hate you!"

On the knitting front... Since I created this blog, I have spent an embarassing amount of time browsing other knitting blogs, drooling over knitting photos and following links to page upon page of yarns and patterns. Then I promptly feel guilty about my UFO's and rush off to work on them.


Iris said...

Willa is so cute... I'm following the progress her and Runa are making with interest. It sounds promising that they have started playing several times a day!

And oh how familiar does the browsing of other people's blogs sound. It's awful, really. I could easily (and sometimes, to my huge embarrassment do) spend whole days just looking at other blogs. Needless to say, my PhD is not thanking me for this.

Emily said...

Your kitties are gorgeous! They sound like they are getting along a lot better than ours did when we introduced the little one! Ours just go crazy at several points during the day chasing each other round the entire flat. The older one enjoying it just as much as he's never had a play mate before. When he's had enough he is definately not afraid to hiss at her to put her in her place!
Keep us updated on how they get along.