Friday, September 16, 2005

I do, I do, I do have UFO's on the go.

(Pardon. For some reason the cowardly lion from The Wizard of Oz is communicating through me tonight).

This summer I knitted up exactly 1 1/2 socks. They are knitted with a two strand blend of... if memory serves me correctly, finely spun Leicester and merino roving. I LOVE my one sock. The completed sock is the softest, fuzziest, coziest sock I've ever knitted. Unfortunately, I altered the original pattern because I wanted my cuffs higher, and naturally, I ran out of yarn. Now that I'm back in Halifax, I should be able to find the same yarn and finish my toe.

The two strand blend is put out by Fleece Artist. Their stuff is AMAZING! If you click on "about us" at their site you'll see what my LYS has hanging all over the place (not quite so many perhaps). It's like a yarn "wonderland" where one discovers it is possible to ache for yarn.

Since I never make socks with sock-weight yarn, I thought I'd go all out with the Merino Lace Socks from Interweave Knits Summer 2003. I've just gotten started.

Here, I'm 'loosely' following a pattern from Folk Bags ('loosely' in that I decided to knit stripes in the round rather than follow the intarsia pattern.) I'm going to felt it afterwards and hopefully it will be my new fall hand-bag.

I also have a skein of soft brown merino rovings which is begging me to knit it into a shawl. I just need to find the right pattern.


Iris said...

I just clicked on your link to Fleece Artists and wow! How beautiful!

In other words, I'd definitely be in for a yarn swap. ;-) I'm a bit broke right now, but maybe we could think about this after x-mas?

And I can see you are knitting more again... Can't wait to see your next pair of socks. :)

Say said...

Sure. Anytime you're up for it is fine with me.

(I got an e-mail from you last time you replied to me in your journal. How did you manage that?)

Susan said...

I adore everything from Fleece Artist (including their yummy rovings). But their stuff is hard to come by here in the States. I'm so envious that your LYS carries it.