Friday, September 09, 2005

Socks (my first REAL post)

Since I haven't kept a knitting blog until now, and I don't have an awful lot of recent work to post, I thought I'd start off by posting some of my older work.

My first knitting project was socks. I quickly became a sock addict. I live in Canada and I prefer thick socks that fit well in winter boots. As a result I've experimented with different types of sport weight and worsted yarns, and avoided thinner 'sock yarns.' I love fair isle and lace patterns the most. I started off using Paton's Merino, but after my husband shrank a pair of his size 14 socks, I discovered Mission Falls 1824 washable merino. They're a Canadian company and theirs is my favourite sock yarn.

This pair is made with Mission Falls washable merino.

This pair was a gift for a friend.

As was this one.

This pair, with the matching toque (yes, odd combo, I know!) was for me. The sock pattern was from Nancy Bush's Folk Socks.

This last pattern is an original design.

And that's it for today.


Credit Profits said...
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Joe said...

Beautiful socks! They wouldn't be needed down here in the hot and muggy southern U.S. But I'll bet you're popular up there in Canada!

Iris said...

Yay! You are here! :)

I think I've said it before, but I LOVE your socks. I may have to take lessons from you and start knitting more socks myself... ;)

eastern white said...

welcome to the world of knit-bloggin!! your socks are all fabulous!!!

Stasia said...

Hi Say, your socks are just wonderful! Welcome to blogging!

Emily said...

Hi there! thankyou for the post on my blog!
I must say, your very talented with your fairisle knitting, i'd love to be able to do it but it looks so complicated so im too scared; the socks look fantastic!
Please post a piccie of the new kitten, im a sucker for cats..