Friday, December 07, 2007

New Work

Vessel 1
For Each Moment that I Thought of You

Forged and soldered copper, woven copper, patina, pennies bound in raffia.

Now back to rampant sock knitting because this was my street on Tuesday morning. And it kept snowing and snowing for another 24 hours after this.


Leigh said...

I like it! (The vessel, not the snow :) I like your new header too.

jackie said...

Love the vessel!!!!!

ANd your street looked like my street last week. Ah....Canada.

Jana said...

What a beautiful piece! And I'm jealous of that snow!

Helen Suzanne said...

a wonderful coppery vessel. My Mum and Dad are in Barrie north of Toronto and by the sounds of it snow is like that there too. Stay warm all :)