Friday, November 09, 2007

Apparently, I'm suffering from Sock-ADD.

Tiit's Socks from Folk Knitting in Estonia by Nancy Bush.

Does anyone know what it's like when you think you know how to do something well and then discover you're not that good at it after all? This month I've concluded that I am not the greatest Fair Isle knitter. Up until now, most of my Fair Isle knitting has been restricted to sock bands or sweater bands, and it's much easier to manage the tension when knitting only a few inches. On an all over piece, my tension is all over the place.

See Eunny Knit has this helpful tutorial. Now I'm being consistent with my dominant yarn and stretching my stitches. Were these anything other than socks, I would probably frog them and begin all over again but the nice advantage of socks is that they stretch on the foot and so when I am wearing them they look much more even. Blocking will make a world of difference too. But seriously, I've been thinking about all of the beautiful Fair Isle items I see in other blogs and feeling jealous of everyone else's ease with tension.

On the Jacquard loom I have been weaving away. I am addicted to the Pointcarré software. After two years of working on repeating patterns by hand at NSCAD for screen-printing, I love that with a click of the mouse I can do the same thing. Here are recent samples.

Architecture Project



My mom came to visit Montreal this past week. Here are some photos from the Notre Dame Basilica, which is absolutely beautiful and awesome.

Notre Dame


Pam and Say, out to lunch.

Finally, a recipe rec. This is the only risotto recipe I have ever tried and I love it.


Jana said...

The Risotto looks delicious! Your mom looks very sweet, what a nice visit! And the sock looks really, really cool. As long as the tension is ok when you have the sock on that's probably what's important right?

Leigh said...

Oh my, your assessment of your Fair Isle knitting is me in a nutshell. I have finally figured out that just because I want to do something doesn't mean I can automatically do it well. I was really interested in your Eunny Knit link, but it didn't work for me!

marion said...

The architecture weave is just wonderful