Thursday, May 10, 2007

It's been a busy month. I've moved cross country (back to Ottawa from Halifax), reunited with J, and straightaway been preparing to spend my summer up north planting trees. Of course, despite the mayhem (or perhaps, in an effort to cope with the mayhem), I've started yet another pair of socks with the yarn I recently dyed. The colourway has now officially been dubbed, 'spring grass' (which seems appropriate, but probably wouldn't be the most popular dye lot in a yarn shop, eh?)

Look! It almost vanishes.

A third Clapotis is also underway. I've decided that a 'clapotis a year' may be absolutely necessary. I'm addicted to the unravelling part and I wanted to see how some of the hand-dyed skeins knitted up.

I finally uploaded some of my more recent work. I had a few knitting-related experiments this semester. This was one of them.

Knitted Collage

And as usual, lots of work combining metal and weaving.

Nest 4

You can see more of what I was up to this past semester here if you like.

On Friday, I'm flying to Edmonton, Alberta, and then travelling onward to northern Alberta for the summer. It's time to work and earn enough money so that I'll only be a semi-starving artist this coming winter. I'll try to check in when I can, and hope to do as much knitting as possible.


Leigh said...

Looks as though you've been very busy, and very creative. It is interesting that you focused on both nests and vessels. I couldn't help but think that a nest is a vessel. I especially liked your woven copper sculpture and your screenprinted collage. I hope you have a good summer planting trees, with no bears!

sarah fay said...

The socks look great so far, I love the colour!

Have a great time up north, it does sound like a fun job!

jackie said...

Have a fun summer!

JessaLu said...

Have a great summer - love the spring grass!

Dorothy said...

Love the sock colourway. It is beautiful.

Nest 4 and Nest-like copper are my favourites. You do some cool work.

I hope you are having a decent time in AB and you aren't getting rained out and the bears stay far away this year.

yarnahoy said...

beautiful green!!

Jana said...

I really like the nests... But all of your work is amazing. That sock is definitely spring green. I miss the clapotis pattern too, I don't need another one to wear but I did really enjoy knitting that one...