Thursday, April 19, 2007

I've been so busy lately that I haven't knitted an inch.

In other news I have now officially graduated from NSCAD with my BFA Interdisciplinary. My flat looks like a cross between a war zone, a yarn shop and an art gallery as I have moved out of my studio and shuffled everything home. I somehow need to organize and pack this disaster up over the next week, as I will be leaving Nova Scotia for good and moving back to... well, I'm honestly not sure yet, save that I'll be spending my summer in northern Alberta again.

I have some yarn porn to show off. Before the semester ended, I completely took advantage of the dyeing studio.

In December, I ordered several pounds of yarn from Henry's Attic. I didn't have time to dye it until this week, but it actually only makes up about half of the skeins pictured. A local company donated several hundred partial spools that looked like the one in the photo below. On the inside it says, 100% Wool Herco, Mohair Spinners South Africa. It's very soft (I think it's a mohair/wool blend) and perfect sock weight yarn. I wound spools together into full skeins, and save for having a few extra ends to weave in when I'm knitting, free sock yarn!

All of the purple yarn was also donated by a local company that accidentally lightly felted it. Lightly felted or not, it's still perfectly usable and very, very soft. It was bright pink but no longer.

Sadly, now I have no reason whatsoever to go yarn shopping any time in the new future. My husband has given me a decree - that I must knit my way through ALL of this before I venture into a yarn shop. Which is all good. I definitely have more yarn than I can knit when I'm up in the bush this summer.

I said goodbye to this piece today.

I'm not sure if I would call it another of my explorations or a finished work. A painter friend of mine and I made a deal at the beginning of the semester that we would each choose our favourite work from the other and trade. The painting I received in the deal is beautiful. I will cherish it forever.


Anonymous said...

The dyeing looks great, I'm looking forward to seeing what beautiful things you will create with it. I'm also looking forward to enforcing my decree of no new yarn until the old yarn is used

Leigh said...

Lovely colors. Looks like you and the dye pot have been busy. Congratulations on graduating!

jackie said...

It is much easier to weave your way through a stash than it is to knit your way through. Congratulations on your graduation! Or maybe that would be Congratuations! In any case I hope that you keep up with the blog because I am looking forward to seeing what you do in the future.

neki desu said...

i like your works using wire and polyester a lot. congratulations on graduating too!
and thanks for stopping by.

neki desu

Iris said...

Congratulations on graduating Say! And your dyed yarn looks beautiful - I'm looking forward to seeing what you will knit with it.

Also, I love your art work!!

sarah fay said...

congrats on your graduation Say!
I've got one week to go, so i know how you feel.

how do you feel about NSCAD overall, would you reccomend it to someone?

Jana said...

Oh my gosh, that yarn is just gorgeous! Don't feel bad you won't be buying yarn soon, that stuff is probably nicer than what's out there for sale anyway! Congrats on your graduation! Great work!

Donyale said...

Sigh, Say! All looks lovely - will be waiting to see what wonderful socks you conjure up with all that YARN....

As always, love your art work.

Dorothy said...

Congratulations on your graduation! Excellent job.

Beautiful sock yarns too. You did a really good job with the dying. Lightly felted means preshrunk.