Wednesday, February 01, 2012

A Slow Return...

I am still out here and still making things. It may be February 1st, but today seems like as good a day as any other to resolve to update more often and spend more time in the online world of fibers.

Today's piece is a mixed media. I fell in love with encaustic almost two years ago. There's something about the translucence of the wax, the smell, the heat, that malleability that is so beautiful and so addictive. I have learned primarily at home, experimenting, but last summer I was fortunate enough to take a small class at the Ottawa School of Art. After all my dabbling, I find it hard to believe I waited this long to simply 'paint' a copper weaving.

Mystic, 2012
 Handwoven copper in undulating twill with patina and encaustic. 


I love the way the texture of the weaving stands out. It's available here at Etsy. 

When I am not weaving with copper, I have dug into my stash of 'real' yarns again. As it is February, this update can't be complete without something red, can it?

This scarf was woven with two contrasting reds, one for the warp and one for the weft. It is 100% merino wool and lightly fulled for extra softness and sturdiness.  

This scarf is also available at Etsy.

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Jessica said...

Oooh. These are so beautiful. I love the colors, but I adore that scarf.