Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Green and Blue, Art and Knitting

Fragments 2010
Handwoven, distressed, manipulated copper, patina, wax pencil, shellac.

It has occurred to me now and again that I should make this blog more about my journey as an artist. Call it a New Year's resolution of sorts. There will still be plenty of knitting, but here I can let go of ideas and thoughts too. The whole stay-at-home mom/artist bit is hard but not so hard that I dare complain about it. My time is limited and shared, but I do find time and when I'm thoroughly distracted it's because an awesome little girl wants my undivided attention and she may only think I'm awesome in return for so many years, so I should take it while I can.

I really wanted to call this piece (above) Fragments of Zebra as I've just finished reading the book VALIS by Philip K. Dick but my husband helpfully informed me that would be both trendy, obvious and clich├ęd. Okay, he's right. But I still like to look at it and imagine that the layers are the universe cut apart into sections and the splashes of pink interrupted transmissions from Zebra. Personally, this piece is also about process and repetition, as well as what happens when one allows something to patina undisturbed for several weeks. I am always surprised by the results. No two patinas are exactly the same.

Under Water No. 2 2009
Handwoven, manipulated copper, patina, wax pencil, shellac.

More leftover summer knitting...


I was determined to modify the pattern and post it, but by the time I began a second version, it was September, and he it dawned on me that 'hey! It's not going to be warm out much longer and I have no idea what size Bunky is going to be next summer. So it's stashed away in a bag with a few basic instructions.

On this page I discovered the best bind off method ever, posted by a woman named Doris. I love her.

Recommended for triangle shawls, cuffs on toe-up sock or necklines:

1. K2sts.
2. Slip the 2 sts from the right hand needle to the left hand needle.
3. K these 2 sts tog. K1.
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all sts have been bound off.

Test the bind off on your swatch to make sure it gives the look and
flexibility you desire.

To Bev, who asked about the pattern for Sigourney's Christmas Stocking. It a modified version of the Holly Leg Warmers from Handknit Holidays.

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jackie said...

Hi, Sayward! i found your blog through leigh's Fiber Journal. You do beautiful work!!!
i am intrigued by your name. It is the same name as the main character in one of my all-time favorite books ~ The Awakening Land. Were you by chance named for her? Just curious. Thanks again for posting your beautiful work.