Friday, March 13, 2009

Thank you....

I can't believe the fluffy blob of knitted yarn in my previous post came out looking like this.

Blocking really fixes everything.

This was a very slow knit for me. Partly because of the wee one - some days I only knit two rows - and partly because I found knitting with lace-weight yarn on large bamboo needles awkward. I kept expecting the awkwardness to ease up as I progressed with the pattern but it never did. In the end, it was all worth it. This pattern is fabulous and I would/will knit another one.

Here is a glimpse of it in the gift box.

My husband made the box out of black cherry wood.

The gift was for someone very special... specifically, our wonderful, wonderful midwife.

I have a few thank yous and oodles of good karma to send out too!

First, thank you to Gannet! This will fit the little one in the fall and it is exactly her colours.

Thank you to Sarah! This will fit her any day now. I can't wait! (And I will post photos for you).

Thank you to Donni! The print is beautiful. The yarn is inviting my creativity.

And thank you to the many people who have sent me e-mails, ravelry messages and comments.

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gannet said...

I'm so glad the hat is going to suit! She looks like a real sweetie.