Thursday, February 07, 2008

Les peaux de lièvres

This song, Les Peaux de lièvres (literally translated, it means hare skins or hare pelts, but it's also an expression for giant fluffy snowflakes. Every frame in is this video was knitted on a knitting machine, and not un-coincidentally, the name of the group is Tricot Machine (knitting machine). The 'knitter' for the video is a graduate of the textiles program at CTCM. That is where I spend much of my time weaving and studied Jacquard in fall. Tonight I attended an opening there and one of the knitted panels for this video was on display. I hope to post a few photos of the other amazing work on exhibit right now, but first I wanted to share this video all by itself as it's such a beautiful fusion of craft and music.

For me, this video is extremely sentimental. I've fallen in love with Montréal and made so many friends here that I'm not sure I'm ever going to leave, and this song strikes a chord with all of those feelings.


Anonymous said...

C'est tellement belle!

jackie said...

That just absolutely blew me away! I'm showing it to everyone that I know who has an appreciation of textiles.
Thanks for sharing.