Friday, October 12, 2007

It's hard when your ten-pound model looks better in a work-in-progress than you ever will! It must be the white fur and green eyes. My Under Water Scarf is moving along quickly. I have plenty of yarn and I'm determined to wind up with one of those scarves that can be wrapped over and over again with lots of scarf left over. Willa (the model) is quite fond of it too. She says it's perfect for wearing when gazing outside from the top of the refrigerator, and also for kneading when no one is watching. And in case anyone has ever wondered about all of those little white hairs that so often show up in my knitting photographs, she is the culprit.

For my birthday, I made myself an experimental scarf. A friends' wife sent me several balls of beautiful Debbie Bliss yarn this summer, but I hadn't had time to use it until now. It was almost too beautiful to knit with (I don't know how that is or how I can say that here!), so I decided to weave it and make the type of fulled scarf I see everywhere these days.

It's still damp from fulling here. I discovered that fulling is very simple, but the warp and weft were more easily disturbed than I expected. I know whenever I see these types of scarves they are full of separated fibres, and those imperfections usually add to the beauty of the piece, but secretly, I want to snip every stray weft thread out! I foresee more experimenting with this technique in the future, especially with Christmas right around the corner.*

*I say right around the corner, because this is Canada, and the Christmas decorations go up right after Halloween and not Thanksgiving. I never get used to that. After Halloween, my family used to put up Thanksgiving decorations!


Dorothy said...

Both of your scarves look beautiful. If the fulled scarf is a nearly solid fabric you can easily cut out the wandering weft yarns without hurting the scarf.

I like your Jacard woven picture of yourself. That's really cool.

Violette said...

Willa is gorgeous. I am sure if she thinks your knitted works need artistic touches of white, she is right.

Leigh said...

Oh my. I grew up in the midwest but was so surprised to move to the south where Christmas decorations went up over Thanksgiving weekend. I don't think I could stand it any earlier! Your experimental scarf is very clever and it looks great. Willa makes a really good model too.

Jana said...

What a pretty kitty cat! She looks so sweet. the scarves are lovely too. I love the one's green color.

Iris said...

The scarves both look beautiful, but I'm particularly taken with the 'Under Water' scarf - lovely pattern and beautiful coloured yarn! It makes me long for a cozy scarf... And Willa is of course the perfect model! ;-)