Wednesday, September 05, 2007

In August, John and I emerged from another season up north none the worse for wear and now it is a season of changes in more ways than one.

There's a back-story to this, of course. Last winter John and I discussed what I might do after I graduated from NSCAD. He has one more year of school left, and I've been entertaining the notion of applying to grad school. At first, I assumed I would follow him to the small town where he attends school (not far from Ottawa), but for many, many reasons it didn't make sense. For a time too, we thought that I would live in Ottawa, but unfortunately, Ottawa doesn't have the type of facilities I sought to continue my studio work.

So, after a little more research, I settled on Montreal.

At the moment, I am lounging in my very empty apartment and eagerly awaiting the arrival of my furniture. So far I am loving my time Montreal and can almost find my way around. I have already begun my class at the Centre for Contemporary Textiles. It is Jacquard weaving, which I did not have the time to take last year at NSCAD. I am finally learning how to maneuver my way through Photoshop (I also highly recommend Photoshop for Dummies). I am planning to take a jewellery class at L'École de Joaillerie later on this fall.

Did I mention that my French is only so-so?

In other words, my Jacquard class is a wee bit challenging right now, but I can't think of a better way to immerse oneself in a language than to study something that you love.

Now, onto the universal language of socks.

Yes, these may seem familiar to you! Sadly, they have only grown about seven inches since May but now that fall is coming I've picked them up again. Note the white-speckled heel; I've reached the point where I accept that I need to reinforce my heels, but I only had white cotton with me during our long fly-in up north, and so I decided that I could dip-dye the cotton to match the wool after I knit them up. We'll see whether I actually do it or not.

This is a request for help! I need a good reversible scarf pattern for wool below. I am feeling very finicky about what pattern to use. I knit about a twelve inches of purse stitch trying to satisfy my craving for something different, but while I like the stitch, I don't know that it works for the yarn.

It looks neat up against my window though.


Donyale said...

Say - I am always so envious of the things that you do - oh to be starting such a wonderful jewellry course like that - well done for making the move - I have been waiting to see you there.

Leigh said...

I'm so glad you decided on graduate school. So many times I've lamented not having my masters degree. Not that it's too late, but it seems to make more sense when one is already in the school/study mode. I look forward to hearing more about your Jacquard class!

Dorothy said...

Montreal! A very beautiful city. One I hope to someday visit. I hope you are now enjoying a well furnished apartment.

Your sock is very pretty and for a reversible scarf pattern, I'm working on two patterns. this one and this one. I'd be happy to share just to have someone make sure I'm writing them up correctly. They both look the same on either side.

Dorothy said...

Oh, I should mention that the brown one has no cables in it.

Dorothy said...

My settings aren't all that high, but Blogger can be a bit odd. Sometimes it will allow you to reply to a comment, sometimes it simply labels it as a no-reply comment even though the person has filled out all the information.