Monday, March 05, 2007

Call for Input!

Before I say anything else or show photos, I need your help. I am writing a paper on the relationship between textile artists and the word craft. I am seeking both experienced and new artists (students too), who are interested in discussing how they identify themselves, or the struggles they face in identifying themselves within the craft/art arena. Historically, the definition of "craft" has been static and changed over the ages, particularly with the dawn of the industrial revolution. Definitions of craft also vary from culture to culture. In western society, at least during the last fifty years of so, the schism between fine art and fine craft has never been so profound. At many schools, the craft versus art debate is a contentious issue and hotly debated.

Personally, I feel hopeful that this is all changing. I feel as though textile artists have a unique perspective through their frequent connections to both process and concept. I have contacted a few artists already, but I absolutely want to hear from anyone involved with textile arts who has thoughts on this.

I would be happy to forward my abstract to anyone who is interested. This is for a seminar on craft discourse and not for publication. I can be reached at

Onto to photo-goodness.

I am the slackest Auntie in the world.

Baby blanket; woven with baby cotton and rayon

Finishing the ends too me far too long. I was pleased that the weave did actually tighten up when I washed it, as I had been worried about that. Why is it that a perfect sett on a six inch sample becomes too loose on a forty-eight inch piece?

And of course, the Stitch n'Bitch. Ours are unique in that no two people are working on the same thing.

My friend Kat's crocheted 3D objects.

My friend Amy's embroidery mark-making.


Leigh said...

Wow, you're not opening up a proverbial can of worms with the "craft" versus "art" definitions are you??????? I've followed this discussion as it pops up in various groups and on various email lists. Not sure I could be much help however.

Very nice weaving. I agree that the shrinkage factor variance between sample and product is puzzling!

Christine said...

I love your blanket. I'm in the same boat in the Aunt department. The baby in question came a few weeks early and I was already off schedule!

I think serious crafters have a hard time defining themselves as artists especially when they are apt to give their goods away or keep them for themselves and it's more of a way to pass time or release stress. They also may have found their medium by stumbling across it or someone in the family influenced them and they are more than likely to not have any formal art training.

Good luck on your paper.