Sunday, November 26, 2006

Can't afford the real thing for Christmas?

Knit it.

The artist is Lauren Porter. It took ten months to make. The most aspirational of all consumer products is presented in the medium most quintessentially ‘home-spun’. The masculine is brought together with the feminine, soft with hard, young with old and the fast with the slow... You can read more about it here at Craft Research.

I can't decide exactly what I think of it, but that's probably because I'm prejudiced against bright red sports cars, of any make or model.

At least it didn't take me nearly as long to do this -

- but it feels as though it has. It's still a work in progress, loosely based on the Dead Sea Scrolls. In my previous life, I studied comparative religious studies (with an emphasis on early Christian literature), and I was inspired to resurrect my interests for some textile work. I'm printing more text with discharge on all three meters tomorrow night, and will have my fingers crossed the entire time.

I can't show you my latest pair of socks on the needles as they are probably going to be an SP gift but I can show you this er... experiment.

You can probably guess what I'm knitting with. Willa, Miss I-shed-everywhere, is acting like this creation has been dipped in catnip oil. It's now officially in hiding.


Dorothy said...

Wow, the car is awesome! I'm not big on the red sports car thing and everything it stands for, especially as I get nearer to middle age, but that it looks so real and it is knit is crazy cool.

Your new project look interesting.

Donni said...

I always shake my head just a little more when i read your blog - and learn about stuff you did or stuff you are doing. Just love it all, Say.

Leigh said...

Wow! on the knitted car. But you've got me thinking. DH has wanted a Harley Davidson for eons........

Your fabric however, that's truly inspiring!

And knitting fishing line? A fishing net for someone's Christmas?

JessaLu said...

I still haven't decided what I think of the knitted car...kinda weird. I'd rather have a sweater ;o)

Knitting with fishing line...? Cool ;o)