Friday, August 25, 2006

Completed Raindrop Lace Socks by Fiber Trends, made with Claudia's Hand-painted Yarn, chocolate cherry.

Happy feet!

Unfortunately, these do not and will never match my bright orange Crocs.

John and I spent yesterday afternoon running errands downtown, then we wandered around the Parliament buildings seeking the 'stray cats of the hill'. Although I am a native of Northeastern Massachusetts and currently live in Halifax, I consider Ottawa my real home. The tourist in me never gets tired of wandering around Canada's capital. It's one of four capital cities in the world where one can find neo-Gothic architecture (the other three being Budapest, London and Johannesburg). Next week, John is beginning school at the nearby Algonquin Heritage College, which offers, among other things, a world-famous program in restorative masonry. As you can see, the parliament blocks provide a great deal of work for its graduates.

More neo-Gothic architecture.

Here are the locks, which connect the Rideau Canal to the Ottawa River. Across the Ottawa river you can see the downtown core of Hull, Qu├ębec (technically the region across the river was amalgamated into 'Gatineau' but I refuse to call it that). In winter time, the Rideau Canal is the world's longest skating rink. Unfortunately, I am a skating klutz. I actually know how to skate backwards, but not forwards.

We eventually found the stray cat colony, but there were no cats! Just squirrels, gobbling up cat food and eyeing the tourists warily.

Ah well. I'm feeling nostalgic. I'm off for the east coast tomorrow (so long Ottawa!). First I'm going to Ipswich, Massachusetts, where I will meet up with my best friend and her 2 year old son. She lives in Hawaii now and constantly tells me I need not KNIT her anything, EVER, as it is always warm there. Isn't that frustrating? However, I'm versatile, and I do have a woven gift for her, of the wall hanging variety.

At the end of next week, it is onwards north to Halifax.

Obviously, with all of this traveling and vacation time looming, I needed a new sock project. Recently, I spied the Baudelaire socks in the latest Knitty. Promptly I joined the Baudelaire KAL. Apparently, I am a glutton for Cookie's punishment - or just helplessly addicted to her sock patterns? My only dilemma is what colour to make them. (Solved: Dark purple)

Oh yes, the wrap with sleeves has gotten about six inches longer, but that hardly seems worth reporting.


Donni said...

They look GREAT! And really - if you wear Orange Crocs you aren't going to worry about a little colour clash are you? Go girl - I think they look funky. Loved the photos of such a foreign looking place - thanks for sharing

Dorothy said...

Awesome socks.

My Mom grew up in Oshawa Valley and she too, refuses to call Hull anything but Hull.

You could always look into knitting your friend some art for her walls. Maybe some baskets or purses. Saunshine has a really great belt on Loads of stuff that isn't wearable, but still oh so useful and pretty.

Dave said...

Lovely chocolate cherry raindrop!

I love Parliament Hill too. No matter the weather, it's always "atmospheric"!

JessaLu said...

Great sockage!! :o) And, don't tell anybody but I think they look great with the crocs ;o)

I love those photos! I think there might be a building like that in Albany, NY...want me to try to get a photo?

Jana said...

Love the sock pattern and the yarn. So cute! Ottawa does look beautiful, I'm surprised how lush it is. It looks very green and for such a big city.