Saturday, October 29, 2005


As it's nearly the end of the month and Socktoberfest is almost over...


I have no idea who will wind up receiving these so I'll stick them in my stash basket until Christmas time.

This next pair is for me.

My LYS did attempted to match up the Fleece Artist yarn and alas, could not. Instead they did me a wonderful favour and gave me (for free!) a small ball from a similar dye lot so that I could frog back my finished sock a bit and match up their toes. The wool is a two strand mix of Leicester and merino roving and I have very happy feet tonight.

And in case anyone is interested, I thought I'd share a picture of this week's natural dyeing experiment with onion skin.

The material is silk and the dye took to it beautifully. My wool sample actually dyed a bit darker while my cotton sample was the lightest. I love the colour and can't wait to try more natural dyeing.

Finally, because sometimes kittens are just too darned cute. She fell asleep sitting up in my daypack.

You'd think in the spirit of Socktoberfest I might have made some headway with my Merino Lace Socks, but no! At this rate, they'll forever be 10% completed.


Iris said...

So many socks! How do you complete them so quickly? They look great - I particularly like the green ones you are keeping for yourself. They look very comfy.

I sat down yesterday to work some more on my socktoberfest lace socks but the progress is minuscule and almost invisible. I also spotted a mistake I made right at the start, when I was shaping the toe (they are toe-up socks), but fortunately, when my toes are actually IN the socks it stretches out and isn't visible. Phew! Annoying non-the-less...

candsmom said...

Both pairs of socks are just fantastic!! Love the colors and what a great LYS to give you that extra ball of yarn. Happy Socktober to you! :-)

BTW, your kitten is just adorable!